College of Arts and Social Sciences SOSCI DEPARTMENT

Department of Social Sciences

The Department of Social Sciences is an academic unit under the College of Arts and Social Sciences. The Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences was approved and offered in 1993. It was revised in 2017 to meet the changes brought by the K to 12 curriculum and with the recommendations of the Commission in Higher Education. The revised program of Bachelor of Arts and Social Scieces, which is compliant to the minimum requirements prescribed bt CHED Memorandum Order No. 37 s. 2017 (Policies, Standards and Guidelines for the Bachelor for Arts in History (BA History) Program) adn CHED Memorandum Order No. 51 s. 2017 (Policies and Standards for the Bachelor of Arts in Polical Science (BA PoS) Program). It was approved by BOR Resolution No. 42-2018 in September 13,2018. The Department also offers General Education (GE) courses taken by all undergraduate students from all colleges in the University. The Department also handles the Social Studies subjects of the Bachelor of Secondary Education mojor in Social Studies of the College of Education. Besides instruction, the Department is also responsible for research , training, and extension programs

Faculty Tolentino, Melanie P.

Associate Professor

Faculty Abao, Faye Camille C.

Faculty Batino, Jed Airo

Faculty Dela Cruz, Jorge

Faculty Domingo, Peachy

Faculty Libunao, Charizza Vianca

Faculty Lim, Maria Editha

Faculty Marzan, Jayson

Faculty Mayo III, Randolf Warren Gregorio T.

Faculty Ponce, Ella Joy

Faculty Santos, Armando

Our Promise To You

I am humbled with the appointment as the dean of the CASS. I carry with honor and pride that I am a product of the AB Social Science program, which is now the oldest curricular offering under CASS.