College of Arts and Social Sciences PYSCHOLOGY DEPARTMENT

Department of Psychology

The Psychology Department is devoted to excellence in teaching, learning, and research, and to developing students to become great contributors to societal development. In line with this educational principle, the department has changed the offering course from Bachelor of Arts in Psychology to Bachelor of Science in Psychology. The Department of Psychology faculty is engaged in teaching and research to further understand and harness the application of psychological concepts in real life.

Faculty Jay C. Santos

Faculty Abella, Jan Vincent P.

Instructor I

Faculty Acoba, Evelyn F.

Associate Professor V

Faculty Agaser, Nixon V.

Associate Professor I

Faculty Belza, Bessie May C.

Instructor I

Faculty Bulanan, Maria Rosario I.

Associate Professor III

Faculty Dullas, Angelo R.

Department Head

Faculty Lumontod, Robinson Z.

Instructor I

Faculty Ruiz, Wawie DG.

Instructor III

Faculty Sacro, Mylene G.

Instructor I

Our Promise To You

I am humbled with the appointment as the dean of the CASS. I carry with honor and pride that I am a product of the AB Social Science program, which is now the oldest curricular offering under CASS.