College of Arts and Social Sciences DEAN's OFFICE

JAY C. SANTOS, PhD Acting Dean, College of Arts and Social Sciences

The creation of the College of Arts and Social Sciences (CASS) and the College of Science (CS) speaks highly of the hard work and commitment of our past and present faculty members and staff of the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS), dating as far back as 1964. The transition of CAS into two colleges recognized the accomplishments and potentials of the academic units under both colleges.

The transition streamlines our processes. Instead of dealing with 10 departments, each college now has to deal with only 5. We value the fusion of arts and sciences. As we say, there is science in arts, and there is art in science. CASS and CS will always be partners. Each college is unique and they complement each other. But this transition puts CASS and CS in a better position to be more effective, more efficient, and more focused.

In the college, our five departments—Psychology, English and Humanities, Development Communication, Filipino, and Social Sciences—remain ‘service’ departments as we cater to all degree programs in the university. But each department also has its respective curricular program. With the transition to a new college, we can be more deliberate in our effort towards achieving our goals of having centers of development and eventually centers of excellence. We also aim to develop graduate programs that are responsive to the needs of our clienteles, not only in the Philippines but also abroad, as our own way of heeding CLSU’s standing as a global university.

In behalf of our faculty, staff, and students, I thank Dr. Evaristo Abella for his service to CAS and for his willingness to assist us in CASS in completing the transition as a separate college, while he does the same as dean of the College of Science. I am humbled with the appointment as the dean of the CASS. I carry with honor and pride that I am a product of the AB Social Science program, which is now the oldest curricular offering under CASS.

Let us always strive for excellence. Let us serve CLSU with the commitment to excellence and integrity.

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